Monday, June 02, 2008

Clessidra Progress

I told you I was planning to make progress and I did!!! I am very pleased with the way they are coming out, except for the assorted errors and dropped stitches... but since I am not a perfectionist, this is OK with me.

So without further adieu.... My Clessidras thus far:

You might need to click on the images to see the detail of the stitches. But please don't pay attention to the carpet. I am really hoping the carpet fairy will pay a visit to the Griset household one of these days. :)

One more repeat of the 12 row pattern and I will start the heel, and next thing you know I will be on the foot, and voila, I will be done with Clessidra #1.

#2 Will not get started until the opening of the Olympics. That will be my Olympic trials project. Considering how long it has taken me to complete this one... I think 17 days would be pretty impressive for casting on and finishing #2.

Catch you all later.


Jen said...

Wow! It's looking great!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sexy!

Cheryl in VA said...

Especially with the 4 needles poking out around the ankle... right???

twinsetjan said...

Love, love, love them so far!

Ciao, Jan

twinsetellen said...

They are freaking awesome! And I was so honored that you are making them for me. Oh, wait, I may have misinterpreted something here, but a gal can wish, can't she? ;-)