Thursday, June 19, 2008

Semi-Self-Imposed Sabbatical

So here is the deal, my private duty case that I was working on Tues & Wed has dried up for the summer (main caretaker is a teacher), that leaves me with my Thurs Night Shift case. I actually have had several job offers, but have decided that I need at least a 2week sabbatical. Yes, it definitely puts a bite in the family finances, BUT I am using said time to do some extrememly time sucking things here at the house.

While I am not working so much that I am getting paid, I am working like a fiend to save money. I am doing the prep work, and the demo work for some much needed, mostly cosmetic updates to the house. The current project is removing the butt-ugly early 1980's country style, pink and blue, chickens and duck wallpaper and border in the kitchen (of which, I forgot to take a picture of before removing and trashing). The bummer is there is also some sort of really old contact paper underneath it.

When that is completed I will move onto the dinning room and remove the pink and blue little flower motif walpaper and prepare to paint that room as well.
I must tell you, while I seem to have come up with a system that really works, boy is it rough on the joints. Especially when you are working over head for long periods of time.

On a better note, the weather here is gorgeous. Our temps have dropped into the 80's with lower humidity, and a breeze. Last night Rick and I actually sat out on the newly arranged front porch with Adult Beverages, and enjoyed a lovely happy hour while dinner marinaded. I could actually tolerate VA if the weather was like this more. Infact I turned off the AC and should have done that on Monday if I had been thinking more clearly, except for that really wicked storm that hit fast and hard. Everything would have been soaked fast by the time we woke up in the middle of the night.

Just because I can, here is an updated picture of the girls. They are not the best at remaining in place for photos. Actually, Naya does just fine, it is Misty that keeps doing the commando crawl to get closer to the camera.
Hope everyone is well, and soon I should have some more knitting updates. I have to knit to give my arms a break from working overhead, so I am getting some stuff done (as long as I turn the computer off now as soon as I am done here - otherwise I don't knit, I just come here and surf for a while)

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twinsetellen said...

Sweet, sweet pups. Naya really does look like Max!