Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here are some Finishes and updates

First we have Rick's Blueberry Waffle Sock (Jawoll Navy Blue). A long BWS I might add. I am soon ready to start .... "The SECOND Sock". I finally figured out a system that works for me. Since I tend to get bored with the sock after finishing the 1st one, I now knit one sock of the pair and then do another pattern, and then a third one. By the time I am done with the 3rd of the 1st socks, I am ready to start the 2nd sock of the 1st pair. Are you all totally confused yet??

So now the next one is my Peaks N Valley's Cuff Sock for me. Again this is the 1st sock of the pair. These are made of Fortissima Cotton, and I love the feel of them and the fit so far.
Next there are the ever growing Clessidras, the first view is of the Back and the second view is of the front. Once I can actually model it, then you can see the decrease bit on the side. Last but not least is the Dashing Diamond Pullover. I am totally hoping this is going to fit. If not, well I will be looking for some lucky recipient. It was getting easier, until today, since I am now at the main 'diamond-y' area, so we shall see.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and hopefully I will have more to up date soon. So far we have grilled salmon last night, and the plan is do steak either tonight or tomorrow, not sure yet.

Happy Knitting!!


JessicaRose said...

All the socks look great. And your system sounds very doable. I dont normally have issues with SSS. I get such a kick out of the finished pair and want to start wearing htem right away.

:) hope to make it to yfb sometime soon. I miss you!

twinsetellen said...

You know I'm rooting for more Clessidras knitting time, right? The other socks are nice, but I want to see that one finished!