Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back on my Feet again

Yes, I was a bit under the weather...not so awfully bad though. Enough that as of today I am officially 4lbs lighter. Just could not eat anything. So it was Tea, toast, and water for me. That is ok in a way though, since it has helped me jumpt start back into my Nurtrisystem program. Just so you all know that I am aiming for 20lbs down from where I am as of today (we won't scare you with that number) by my 40th Birthday in Mid May. It is a lofty goal, but I think I am game for it.
Yes, Rachael, there may be some more clothes coming your way with this trip in March....
The Olypics are keeping Rick busy in front of the TV, but he did finish the book shelves, and I have painted the back walls, so as of this afternoon I will begin filling them. Systematically of course:)
My knitting is coming along well, and as long as there is still some of my special yarn from Karstadt to be had, all will be well, if not, then I will tear out what I have and re-approach in a different way.
I really do have photos, but DH has not down-loaded them off the camera yet (wants to wait until I have put some books in the shelves and get pictures of that too), so he says.
Well, I am off to do some book organizing, and shelving.

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Rachael said...

We want pix girl!!! Also you should understand my book sickness- I think you are married to one of my type? :-)