Friday, February 03, 2006

The Weekend is here

Now that the weekend is almost upon me, I look back and see that I have not gotten much accomplished over the past week. Although, I did manage to work my way into the world of 'blogging', so I guess that is pretty good. I have also been working on my bucket (to be decorated) for work. Will post a picture as soon as I have one to post. I have also been knitting and reading.
I think today will be a house day though, I have already begun the laundry process and am going to tackle emptying and re-organizing my container/storage pantry. If I really make good progress I may even end up doing the food pantry as well. A bit of swiffering, and maybe even a good vacuuming will get done too. Then I can sit down and knit tonight after dinner.
The boys arrive tonight - the younger 2. The older one will arrive sometime tomorrow after the girlfriend's surprise birthday celebration at her grandmother's here in VA Beach.
Preparations are beginning for the whole retirement process (ceremony- party- then travel). Looks like we will be departing for Germany on or about the 19th/20th of March and return home on or about the 13th of April. It will probably be good for me to blog here when things get a bit crazy.


Rachael said...

Can I write down those dates? :-)
I too managed to vaccume today- wonder of wonders. And collected three bags of garbage out of Patrick's room. That child is going to make me crazy- or has he done it already?

Stephanie said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog's always nice to know there's another VB stitcher.

I also spent too much at From the Heart when she was going out of business. But you have to get over and check out Dyeing to Stitch. They're carrying items that I never saw at Jeanne's. As a matter of fact, I picked up a Long Dog sampler there yesterday in preparation for my quaker exchange on the legacy board.
I didn't know that they were having a sit stitch on Thursdays...I may go to that after tax season ends.

Oh btw..please post pictures of your trip to Germany. I love to travel, but haven't made it to Germany yet and would love to see your pictures. :-)