Friday, February 24, 2006

OK, maybe not so 'on my feet again'

Well, here I thought I was doing better, but after going to work on Tues and having not one but two co-workers coughing and hacking all over the place, I have now managed to aquire a sore throat/head cold, which is really a pain.

I tried to go to work, today, but was not successful, so I think it is back to bed for me, and then out for Dim Sum with DH and two friends. Guess that means I will be Designated that is anything new.

Maybe even a bit of knitting for me today. That would be nice, especially since lately I am always cold, and I happen to be working on a a nice wooly shawl.

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Rachael said...

Hey girly, spend some time getting better. Going out for Dim Sum sounds good though. Where can you get it in Virginia Beach?