Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finished Pair #2

Yep!!! I finally finished pair #2 of socks last night, actually this morning before leaving work. No pics yet, maybe later today after I wake up. Did figure out thought that I knitted the 2nd one looser than the 1st one starting at the Heel Flap. Interestingly enough I noticed that once I started knitting looser my fingers were not constantly going pins and needles on me. I must admit I like the way the tighter knit feels, but I don't like my fingers being all numb on me. What to do, What to do...I guess maybe smaller needles (she mumbles absently to herself )

More later when I am actually awake and conscious and have dealt with a few other life issues that are currently sitting on my plate.

Have a great one!!!!!

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