Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back Home from PA

Good Morning All!!! Yep, back home from another adventure filled excursion with the RV. This time after coming back to the RV from a day in Amish Country and lots of good food, we found the awning whipped back over the top of the rig snapped off at the brackets. After much inventive thinking and thank goodness Dad was there and my brother drove over with another ladder and some electrical ties we were able to go to bed for the night. Then it was how do we get this all home. The answer...after talking to the insurance folks and some fellow RV'ers...take pictures and cut the awning off. So we did.
With that all done and taken care of it was a Clam Bake to concentrate on. The family tries to do one every year, lots of clams, fresh corn, beer, hot dogs, watermelon and fun with family and friends.
Did not help my wt reduction, but in the long run I did not do too badly. So now it is back to the daily grind of being at home, laundry to catch up on, work this afternoon and tonight, RV to fix, new lawn to deal with, Rick's ex to deal with (ick ick ick :( )and a really big house to clean.
For those of you who are familiar with the current job situation with Rick, looks like he has but to accept officially the position as a historian for an intelligence wing at Langley AFB. But it is a government job and they can be quite twisty and turny about how things go. You think you have it and then you don't.

Oh btw, am almost finished with sock #2 of the second pair. Really need to get some pictures downloaded.

Have a wonderful day all!!

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