Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wow!! 4 days off...What will I do???

I have already kind of wasted one of them. But in a good way. Went to my Physical Therapy, and got groceries (lots of fruit and veges). Talked to some friends and started going through some of my paperwork that has been taking over my world. I also spent over an hour trying to make a plane reservation using my 'free' ticket for a trip guessed it!!!! GERMANY!!!!!
My neice is going to be an exchange student in Koeln (Cologne) in the fall. So I will go over and visit my good friend Rachael, and maybe even be able to get together with Viv as well until DH shows 4 days later. Then we will take Holly south to Garmische. We all visited there in 2003 on family vacation and she would like to return.
I must say the free ticket is extrememly expensive time wise. I am so used to making my own arrangements that it was difficult trying to be patient with a real person and getting her to do all the things that I usually do when getting my 'perfect ticket'.

So I guess the next few days will be more organizing, some cleaning, and hopefully some knitting and such. Will be sure to keep you all up to date.

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