Friday, October 27, 2006

Speaking of Time....

They say the best laid plans of mice and men....(or of one working woman without her husband for a week)

I thought I would have lots of time to knit and clean and just enjoy being by myself. Boy was I off the mark on that one. For 1. I ended up working extra hours since we are getting into the "holiday flow" mode at the store. Then for 2. I did my regular night shifts along with working extra hours at the store hence there was not alot of time that I was not either sleeping or working... bummer. I will have to plan better when he goes away next time (which will be for 3.5wks in Feb/Mar) except for a couple little short trips between now and Christmas. But again resurfaces that "holiday flow" issue and therefore I will be working.

I did manage to finish one of my intended Christmas gifts and find two others that were already completed. Now I have just a few more to go. Good thing I work that night shift and need something to keep me awake all night. Knitting certainly takes care of that for me (most of the time). Although I must admit I have had a couple instances where I found myself waking up with needles poised in mid air and then in a panic as to whether or not I had dropped any stitches.

I find myself already looking forward to January, since about that time things will slow down at the store and hopefully our court issues with the 'wench' will have settled out and we will be well on the road to a better place financially. If the justice (I use this term loosely) system continues to muck with our lives...well then I guess I will continue to work as much as I am able.

It is time for me to run along, as I am waiting for Rick to return with the 2 younger boys. I have not seen them since the middle of September...I do miss seeing them. When you only get them every other weekend and then you miss one weekend, it really makes is seem like quite along time. I am looking forward to spending a family day tomorrow. Yes, I am off from work. Really had to put my foot down, but it is important.

Happy Knitting or stitching to All and To All a good Weekend!!

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