Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10 Songs will be tough...

OK, so I figured out that Rachael tagged me about 10 songs I am listening to...hmmm that is tough for me, as I tend not to be home long enough to thinking about putting the radio or CD's on. I am quite content with no songs. BUT I will take this into serious consideration and contemplate listening to some music more often. I can warn you though, that chances will be country or classical.

I am awake now from being back at my night shift job for the first time in 3wks...OH MAN did last night ever hurt. While working night shift really helps in the jet lag issues going east (as in to Germany), but that first night back is always painfully LONG!!!! I slept well today and now need to do a bit of work before DH comes home. Since once he arrives it will be dinner and finances (which are not pretty) and then hopefully a short little nap and off to work again tonight. Maybe tonight I will actually do more than just pull the knitting needles and project out of my bag. Maybe tonight I will actually - Knit (ooooo ahhhhhh).

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Rachael said...

7 songs!!!