Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let's Try this AGAIN

Again I will try to keep up at least with some regularity on my blogging.

I am now back from Amsterdam and Germany. Had an absolutely fantastic time in Amsterdam. Rachael and I just made our way around on our 'I Am Amsterdam' cards. I must admit I have now officially used more public transportation over the course of the last 3wks than I have in my entire lifetime. I guess that means I am either very spoiled or very sheltered. Possibly even a bit of both. Time with Rachael was fun and we did some yarn shopping, and then some knitting. I finished the baby socks for my 6month old neice, and I started a lace shawl (twice!!). I then tore out the entire 35 rows of said lace shawl and restarted it one more time during the flight home. So far so good this time.

Also spent 5 days with my neice who is a college exchange student in Koeln. Picked her up on Sunday and went to Southern Bavaria (Ricks's favorite area). We stayed at a Gasthaus that we had all stayed at 3yrs ago. Not much changed, but some things did. We went up the Zug Spitz and experienced being in 4 different countries at the same time. The weather was beautiful and at the highest point in Germany I was comfy in just a shirt, sweatshirt, and a wrap around shawl. We also spent a day in Munich, wandering the streets and revisiting some really lovely churches and the Marien Platz (in time for the show).

But alas, it is back to reality and the grind-stone. Day 1 at home saw 3-4loads of laundry and sorting of vacation stuff and unpacking. Day 2 at home saw me back at work, as they begged and pleaded for me to come in, so I said yes. After all being on vacation does translate into NOT being paid.

We are moving into the throws of late Fall and early Holiday apparel at the store and so it is the start of a very busy season. So I will do my best to keep up here when I can.

I am off to do some more of the 'needs to be done' stuff and then off to work.
Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go.....

Have a great Day

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Rachael said...

Bummer to be back at work isn't it? Sounds like you guys had fun in Garmisch ,Don't you miss Amsterdam though? I do!!!