Monday, October 23, 2006

He's Off to OH...

Yes, today I took Rick to the airport so he could be off to Dayton, OH for a work related convention. Then it was on to the store for me. Yes, Virginia the holidays have set in. Today I recieved the first half of our Christmas Hardgoods shipment - a mere 71(scheduled) but 84(actual) boxes to be unboxed and put on the stockroom shelf by me and me alone. Apparently there was no one to call in to come and help me. Needless to say after my 8hrs at the store, I am about 1/3 done with this chore. After all the majority of the boxes did not show until after 1pm.

I then decided after getting home and feeding the girls and playing with them a bit, I really should put aside my 'Me' knitting and get my needles in gear for the Christmas gifts I have planned. It is the end of Oct and I know the holidays will truly be here in no time. Good thing these gifts go fairly quickly.

So, having chatted with a good friend, and my DH it is now time for me to call it a night, as tomorrow will come early and I have another 8hr day at the store to be followed by a 9hr night duty at my private duty case.

Life is never dull, nor is it very restful when I am home. No wonder I 'Dream of Germany' so often. I generally feel quite relaxed while I am there, even when I am busy. I wonder why that is...could be some sort of time warp thing. I hope it will continue that way when I do finally get to live there for a bit.

More later, when I get the chance...
Life is what you make, make it GREAT!!!

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