Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I made it!!!!

Today is the first I have had my house back completely since last Tuesday. We made it through the Retirement, the House Guests, the Open House, and Rick being sick with a really BAD cold (fevers, sinus', the whole deal). I am exhausted, and so is he. We spent most of yesterday at Langley AFB trying to finish his out-processing. So today starts all my catching up here at home. Must admit though that the house looks great. Should stay looking great since the dogs are gone until we come home from Europe, and the kids will be here this weekend, but I will have time to clean up after they leave. So that should translate into coming home to a totally clean house in 4wks.
************I must say I am soooooooooooooooo ready for this vacation. I think there will be quite a bit of just kicking back and kicking around on this trip. Nothing great and spectacular, just regrouping, and getting our minds around the future a bit.
************One of the things we looked at yesterday was an RV that an AF guy is selling because he is PCS-ing to Austrailia! Our timing could be better but not by much, he is getting antsy and is coming down on his price. As long as Rick has a job we can afford to do it. That would be so cool.
*********** Time for me to run away and get some work done...go figure.

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Rachael said...

It was great chating with you last night. We never even talked about the retirement cerimony though. How was that? Do you miss your doggys? Did you take any pix of the RV? Can't wait to see you!!!!