Friday, March 24, 2006

Alrighty then....

Well, now that I have finally gotten my settings so that my blog looks like a real person wrote it, now I will do a little catching up.

I am currently at my friend's house in Germany and will keep this short. Rachael has now taught me (in the process there of) to knit socks. So soon I will have photos of that too.

Today, Michael and Rick went to Media Markt and got me an MP3 player so I can listen to German books on disc. So hopefully it will help me with my German. I am really moving into the computer age.

We are off to go celebrate Michael's Birthday with Mexican food.


Stephanie said...

Be sure to post pictures of your trip to Germany! Hope you have a great visit.

Rachael said...

Yes do post some pictures . Did you finish your first sock?