Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here it is - the new ME

I took the leap and got my hair cut... I must say I am loving it. Excuse the funky picture, I used my web cam to do it, as I was impatient to post for my friends.
On the knitting end of things, now that my sweater is finished I am working on a little cardigan for my Great Nephew. Once I get a bit further with that I will post.


romelda said...

Hi Va Bch, I live 2 miles away from that lys... glad it will stay there, I also use the one at Kemps River and out at funny sp10 would have been if we had each other!!

Rachael said...

I love the hair!! What did Rick say? Will try and call later- again!
Had a very good chat with my sister.

Anonymous said...

Oh La La.....gorgeous looks very light and airy. Is it easier to fix? Do I spy that fab blue pure and simple top down sweater?

secret pal

romelda said...

I wish I could take you up on the "yarn running" but the day before the surgery it was cancelled! Seems I have an abnormal EKG, and now an abnornal stress test, next stop is the cardiologist. Best news is it happened now and not later!! SO...I willprobably see you at the lys or we can meet for lunch!
Knit on

Queue said...

So cute!!! Can't wait to see it in person!