Friday, April 06, 2007

OOooooo I am such a Lucky Girl!!!!

I have a wonderful Secret Pal. Last evening I recieved on my doorstep a lovely little box filled with all kinds of marvelous things. Thank You so very much my Secret Pal!!!

This is my best attempt at a still-life photo grouping. I guess I really need to talk to my son to get some tips.
The yarn on the left is absolutely scrummy. The Wooly Washers in the middle, all I can say is the soap smells soooooooo wonderful, and the wool it comes with, I don't know - it almost seems too pretty to make into a soap-y thing. Let's see, on to my lovely Lantern Moon 5" sock needles. This will be a first for me. I have only used 6" and thought they were little, but my SP tells me once you have used 5"ers, 6 seems huge. On to my wonderful Chocolates, she really knows the way to my heart. My name stitch markers on the left came just in time for me to start working on the repeats in my lace shawl and the oriental case just above them is perfect for storing stitch markers. Last but certainly not least is the treat she enclosed for my four-legged daughters - peanut flavored dog biscuits with 1/2 dipped in carob. As you can see from the pics below the girls LOVED them. Thank You from Misty and Naya for our treats!!!!

Can you just see the sisterly concern Naya (the silver one) has for Misty - wanting to make sure she got all the crumbs. The the final shot with Naya offering to help Misty vacuum the carpet really well. I do promise we feed our dogs twice daily and these shots occured AFTER breakfast.

On to some knitting stuff...the promised pic of the Baby Alpaca Neck Down Sweater need just a bit more time. I casted off the bottom edge of the body this morning just before rushing off to work only to realize that I bound off too tightly and could not get said sweater past my arm pits. Errrrgggg Arrrrggggh!!! So that my dear friends is what I am off to do right now.

Have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoy everything.....and it looks like Naya and Misty are enjoying their part too!!

Suse said...

I may as well comment here as anywhere else. I'm a true original German (Central & South) but left in increasing long intervals up to now when I will propably never return to live there. It is still nice to read someone so enthusiastic about my former home and the issuers of my new passport ;-) I'm in the SP 10 as well this is how I came across your webpage.