Monday, December 10, 2007

An Update and Some Pics

I must say this past weekend, was certainly not one of rest for me. I really was on the move, and did not leave the house too very much.

Saturday morning I got up, and proceeded to start baking cookies for the two college boys who are entering finals week this week. By 3pm I had baked, packed and shipped two boxes of sweeties to my boys. Rich gets Ginger Snaps, Heath Bark, and Oatmeal (no raisins) Cookies. Josh got Choc Chip, Heath Bark, and Oatmeal (no raisins) Cookies. I figure these ought to help them through the study hours.

What I was quite impressed with myself over, was that all of the above were made strictly from hand, down to the fact that I had NO MIXER!! Then I realized once Rick came home with a new hand mixer for me, I was so proud of myself for being able to cream the butter and sugars and mix the entire batch by hand - I did not want to use the mixer for the next batch of cookies.

Rachael, you will be so proud of me... I took a recipe for peanut butter blossoms (ie p-butter cookies with hershey's kisses on top), and by changing amounts and done strictly by weight, created a Nutella Cookie recipe. I tried this concept last year and it failed miserably. This time it worked. Anyway, yea for me for doing something other than the exact recipe.

Now, onto some pics: First we have Matt's German Flag Fingerless Gloves. He has been complaining that we keep the house too cold (but I am loving the heating bill), and so his hands are very cold when trying to play the piano. So voila - Christmas present in progress.

Then we have 2 pieces of Rick's Cardigan. As of right now, the word is it should fit following blocking. If not, well then he will just have to lose weight to get to the correct size. I am currently working on the Right Front, that picture is not too exciting.

I have 2 nights off from work this week, as we have Holiday events to attend, so maybe I will get some more of my holiday stuff done. It is kind of weird this year, I still don't have my tree up. This is very odd for me, but I am OK with it. Talk to me once the panic begins to set in.

Well it is off to bed with me - worked last night and need some sleep today so I can get some stuff done later.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the prepatory phase of the Holidays.


Janey said...

Great job, both on the yummy sounding parcels and the gloves! I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Cheryl, you rock! Your boys are very lucky to have you! I hope they realise it.

Jen said...

My stomach started growling as I read your post! The gloves and the Sweater are looking great!