Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here are the pics I can post

Since some of my manic Finishing episodes lately are also gifts, I have to make sure not to post pics since a bunch of those folks check on my blogs sometimes.

So, here are the Lacey Mock Cable Socks that I made of the just wonderful Blue Faced Leicester hand dyed by CJ (my spoiler in SP10). Oh and by the way you can go visit her blog and her store via the link on the sidebar for The Jolly Ewe. I just love this yarn. It was really nice to work with and then after I washed them and blocked them yesterday they are even softer and I am so hoping that the large cake of yarn I have left is enough to make me another pair.

Then there are the Gentleman's Socks for Rick. While the pattern is a very Gentlemanly pattern, it is fidgety (especially if you have to pick up and put down all the time). These were done with Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch, which I must say also softened up quite a bit after washing. I was a bit afraid they were going to be to rough and scratchy, but alas they feel nice. I definitely need a better pattern for Rick if I am actually going to get socks to not only fit the way he wants them to, but also work fairly quickly for the EEE width feet of his. Which is why I might add that these socks make me think of a fork stuck in a potato.
...and for those of you who are ravelry-ers - I did update my projects with the completed pics. Although I still have one or two that I can't even update there due to gifting issues.

Still waiting on any suggestions about Ricks Cardigan... I guess that means I am free to work on the pair of socks that I cast on in lieu of do nothing. (drat the bad luck...:)


Janey said...

Hello over there! It's great to finally come visit and learn a bit about you. Great socks, hopefully I will soon be posting pics of some lovely socks from SKS that you sent!

It's going to take me a while to catch up with your blog but do it I will!

Take care

Janey, your SP!

Rachael said...

Great socks! and I have no suggestions about the cardi. you showed it to me when I was there so I know what your problem is but no good ideas here.