Friday, November 02, 2007

Squeeeeeeee!!!!! It is DONE!!!

I am so excited. Emerald Isle is completed and off the Needles!!!!


OK, I shall calm down just a bit now (but not too much). There is but one small glitch. I found 3 dangling loops .... I was afraid, very afraid.... so I instantly put them on an open end stitch marker. I fear I will have to cheat and take a piece of yarn and just tie them where they are meant to be. As I said to Jessica this evening - " Luckily the person to whom this is going, is of the opinion that no matter what little mistake there is, that just means it is all that more original" (boy am I lucky!)

So here she is pre-blocking. I am hoping for blocking to occur this weekend, and then there will be another pic before putting it off in the post. I had to include all these pics, just so you could get a good feel for her pre-blocked glory. OK - yes, I am showing off just a titch :)

Misty is glad I am done too, she thinks now I will spend more time with her... little does she know.... there is much more knitting to be done.

I tried the blue background in order to show the patterning better, but I guess that will have to wait until she is blocked.

Next up - finish all the 2nd socks in my meager stash (Mini Monkeys; BFL Neopolitan; and Rick's Gentleman's socks)


Anonymous said...

it really is gorgeous. I think the mistake will be pretty unnoticeable once you get it tacked into place. can't wait to see it all blocked out. Makes me want to knit this one pretty badly now. So pretty!


Queue said...

lace hides a multitude of sins - it looks great!

And you're quite right about the looser knitting - my hands are thanking me already.

Rachael said...

ooooohhhhh- pretty!!!! It looks great Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

Simply Gaawjus!as Aidan would say. Great job girlfriend!