Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Have Been Knitting - really I have...

I just have not been spending as much time on the computer. I am trying to get my computer time under control, so as to have more time to knit. I must admit though, I am still not at the place I really want to be. I never stop being amazed at how much time the computer can suck up. It really is like it calls to you, and "...resistance is futile" (if I remember the quote correctly).

I know that I could get so much more done, if every time I have a ? or a thought I did say to myself "... I could just check that quick on the computer" and then lo and behold, an hour later I realize I have once again been sucked in.

I guess like any good plan I need to create goals, write them down, make them do-able, and be accountable. I must admit this may take a bit of thought and work. So I guess that will be my next post. Along with pics of my current WIPs. Since as of right now there is one sock that isn't even on my progress bars, and I have made significant progress on Rick's sock and my sweater, which believe it or not I am contemplating frogging for the simple fact there are too many mistakes thus far, and I am still not far enough along to for it to be too ugly.

I hope everyone is well, and please feel free to drop a note when you get the chance. After all, email reads are totally legal in the world of time spent on the computer.....

BTW - does anyone out there do baking as a small business?? If so, could you drop me a comment, I have some questions (yes, there is a potential plan brewing) :)

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