Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am in Love....

... with baby alpaca wool. Oh My Goodness, it is just so soft and squshy, and soft, and I can't wait to be able to wear it. Never mind the fact that it is already 70+ degrees here today!! I am going to have to wish for cold weather when I get back from my days away (which are - oh btw going to be in a warm climate). So what is it that has me all aflutter for Baby Alpaca wool

It is just the prettiest blues I have seen. It is a very loosely twined dk & lt blue, but as you knitt it, it just becomes totally lovely. This is the neck portion of my Weekend Neck Down Pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple. Silly me, I thought the title meant I could knit this in a weekend - yes Viv I had you in mind (silly me thinking I might be fast enough to make this true) - It took me nearly ALL weekend just get these 40 stitches cast on and connected and knit in the round (which I might add I have done in the past). I tell you everyone, after the umpteenth attempt at this, I was ready to throw myself off a cliff and just join in with the dumb rocks below. But alas, I finally go a bit smart and went to Knitting Help and watched the video a couple times and low and behold I was able to not only cast on, but also join in the round and subsequently start actually knitting my sweater.

Here we have my sweater after just the first skein of wool. It looks kind of goofy in this picture, but I still have it on the small circular needles with all the little markers and such. I am just about ready to split off for the sleeves, but I need to join a new skein of wool (but first I need to wind it into a usuable cake)

Of course this also means that I have not been working on my Dad's or DH's socks. I figure I will keep those for my plane rides.

Oh and the other exciting news is..... I just got my Secret Pal assigned to me and she is a sock knitter (whoo hooo). I have my SP too, but I will not say too much about that or I am sure I will give something away. I am so excited to have a SP, I have not ever done something like this before.

Off to do some laundry and wool winding, and maybe even some knitting.


Rachael said...

Very pretty- I am going to have to get my hands on some Alpaca= every time you talk about it- it becomes more iresistable!

Helen said...

hi! sorry it took so long, i had to remember where I put the link you wanted...


really simple to use!

however, sometimes adding it to the sidebar can be tricky. if it doesnt work, let me know and i can send you the code from my blog.

Anonymous said...

That blue is fabulous! Don't you just love Alpaca. I think I need to quit my job and start my own alpaca farm. I love the pure and simple patterns. My first sweater was the top down raglan out of.....you guessed it...alpaca. I love this sweater, it is so warm and comfy.

your secret pal

Rachael said...

Girl- I keep thinking your on vacation. I can't get the dates straight- I am thinking of making an order with Martina- yarn - on Monday- it is her postage free day. Let me know if I should order you anything. Also will be in Aachen from Friday to Sunday next weekend if you want any needles.