Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Pics I Promised

So here they are....

First me looking 'sheepish' in my Einstein Coat. Although I must admit I am very proud of it. It is so toasty and comfy. I sometimes come in from outside and don't even remove it.

Then we have my oldest who was here last night on a stop-over for spring break. I took him to the airport this morning and about now he should be arriving in West Palm Beach, FL to visit his Aunt & Uncle.

Lastly we have my lovely Daffodils. They were looking very chilly and huddley the other day, so I went and snipped them and brought them into the warmth. By the next morning this is how they thanked me.

Today was a great day, in that I got to spend a bit more time with Rich, and then went to my monthly Knitting Group mtg. We are called Yarn for Breakfast. This morning there were about 10-12 of us, and we really raised quite the din in that little coffee shop. I think the computer users were glad to see us finally leave at about 1230. As I wrote in my comments for our mtg - Chitty- Chatty; Chitty- Chatty ... KNIT KNIT KNIT. For those of you familiar witht he muscial The Music Man, there is a tune that fits just perfectly.

I am off to go do some more knitting.


Rachael said...

Your coat looks great Cheryl. You did a wonderful job. Your yarn for breakfast sound like fun- I want to go.

Viv said...

Look at you!
Seriously, what a lovely, totally gorgeous and flattering *and* toasty FO Einstein is. And may I say - awesome finishing job you did, girlgriend - way to go!!!

Hugs from Hamburg,

Viv (now clogged instead of sniff/coughing - the fun never stops, it seems..)