Tuesday, September 18, 2007

While I was sitting Knitting....

The girls alerted me to the fact that George (otherwise known as the UPS man) had arrived. Although I must admit, since my SP told me I was due to recieve my box today, I have been patiently waiting, sitting knitting, no music, no tv, just keeping my ears out for the sound of any truck that might pull up in front of the house. Actually I really should be in bed, as I have to work tonight, but I just couldn't resist.

So here is the deal.... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SP!!!!!! You are the bomb!!! I absolutely love my package. Infact I was totally taken with the wrapping, and was quite content for a few moments to just enjoy the sight of the wrappings and the smell that came from my box.

Can you all understand why??? Just look at this.

It is raw paper with the very delicate leaves intact. I am already trying to decide what I am going to do with it. :)

OK, so what is wrapped in said incredible paper you might ask???? Hmmmmm how about some exquisit Baby Alpaca Melange squishy, and some great looking Rio Del la Plata Kettle Dyed yarn from Uraguay (I can already see some awesome just plain knitted socks in that skein), then there is some Stash Peach Black Tea (mmmmmm yep tea season is just around the corner), and last but not least some lovely all natural Rose Petal Soap (I think I shall just keep it so I can inhale it all during the winter months) It smells soooooooooo good.

Since I couldn't decide which picture showed of the lovely colors of everything best, I am posting both. Although I must admit, I really wanted to show off the paper too.

Now I must run off and try to take a nap. I shall dream of what I might do with that Blue Sky Baby Alpaca....... oh if you could just feel it.

Again Thank You so very much to my very wonderful SP, who I might add is still in the process of trying to get settled having just finished moving into a new home. I kind of figured boxes might not be an issue for her. Thank You for taking the time to make up such a lovely box.


Rachael said...

Ohhh- Lucky girl! Vry pretty.

kasiaiscarly said...

Ooh! The kettle dyed yarn colors are GEORGOUS! I'm sure it's even better in person!