Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!

First wooo hoooo is that I have a cell phone again - granted it is my very old little dinosaur - but that little phone has stood by me through thick and thin. Now she has the chance to come out of retirement and do it again. I know, I know, I was suppose to turn her in to be recycled months ago, but..... it is that procrastinating thing. Now see!!! Being a procrastinator is not all bad. So DH and I stopped at the Sprint store and I told my sad tale of woe (oh woe, oh woe, and oh woe again), and the politel young man just kept chuckling at me. He then did a bit a research and found that my account is not eligible for 'any' upgrades until next March, but he did offer to try to put my number back on my little old phone. It took awhile, and a couple phone calls but we had success!!! It is just that I need to put my Bluetooth in time out for awhile, and go back to using an ear piece. See this phone pre-dates that kind of technology. At least I have a phone again!! Yippeeeeeeee

Second woooo hooooo is that I was nominated as a Rocking Girl Blogger!!! My secret Pal, who doesn't even really know who I am yet (except that I am from the US) nominated me, because I made her day with some little notes and such right when it counted most. I really am enjoying SP, and have even managed to put my widgets here on my blog. I just needed a bit of a refresher from Queue this weekend at knitting.

Let's see, yesterday was our Yarn For Breakfast Meetup, and what fun we had. We pretty much had the coffee shop staked out (in fact we had the whole store front window). Lots of chatting and getting to know some new faces, and checking in with some of our group who had been off and about over the summer. I think they all got a lot more knitting done than I did, but that is just fine.

Last night I again casted on a wool sweater cardi for my DH. Although he has finally agreed to a pattern that has pretty much all that he wants (even if the shoulder is slightly dropped), he figured he better agree soon or there could be some serious trouble. So while he and my youngest step son Matt were watching the end of the Alton Brown 'Feasting on Asphalt' marathon, I was busily casting on, and frogging, and re-casting on the back of his sweater from a vintage pattern book I got this summer. As soon as there is anything worth showing (other than a K1, P1 band) I will put up some pics.
I think I may soon be done with my first mini - monkey sock. Now all I need is some time to knit. Although this week, I am only working at the store 3 days (+my one night shift), so I may really make some serious progress.

On that note, I am going to sit and knit for a bit (if my headache would just release a bit)

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Rachael said...

The phone thing is such a pain- we did alright without them didn't we? But know I don't want to give mine up either.