Monday, September 03, 2007

Where Oh Where has it Gone...????

Where, Oh where, has my little phone gone??
Oh, where, oh where can it be???
With it's sleek black shell, and it wrist loop long,
Oh where, oh where can it beeeeee??

Yes, folks, I have managed to, for the very first time, LOSE MY CELL PHONE!

The painful, frustrating, irritating part is, I had it Thurs night (while talking to DH in the car) arrived home, came in the house, went to bed, got up Fri morn - went to work and LO and BEHOLD....poof!! no cell phone!!

I have found things in my house that I haven't seen in months, but no cell phone!!

Now, honestly, I am not what one would call a cell phone junkie, but I do like the security of having it there, and the free nights and weekend long distance calling that it provides. I like the fact that I can call DH and it doesn't count against my minutes, I can just call when I forget things, or when I am lost in the car.....

So if anyone has any patron saints of lost cell phones, return cell phones to their owner spells, any chants, dances, or gauranteed 'we find it' ways things that work for them.... I will be most thankful of any and all information or options.

Needless to say, this incesent "looking" for my phone the last few days has really cut into my knitting time. :(


Romelda said...

*&%#*# . . I would be lost!!!! I can't remember if it is St.Anthony or another for lost things. I'll give him a try.

Anonymous said...

That SUCKS!! I'm sending some "find your cell phone" mojo your way.

Rachael said...

Dang- I hate loseing things. Do you get up in the middle of the night thinkingc"oh - I know someplace I haven't looked" I do. Very cute rhyme and I hope you found that little beast already.