Friday, October 19, 2007

She Lives, She Lives.....

Yes, I really am still among the world of the living. As is often the case, there are many days that I wonder at this miraculous feat.

Yes, I went again to DC for several days to help out at the CWC store in Fair Oaks mall and when I left there were getting their stock room on track. This is a very good thing for them. As a result of my time there, and on the advice of some management type people I decided to retract my resignation at my current store, so that I might further my intentions of a broader job situation with the company. Apparently in big business you get heard a little bit more when you are still on the payroll, than if you come to them cold. So I will continue to persue my aspirations of being a district/regional 'go to' person for stockroom issues. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Rachael came to visit for a week. What a week it was. We knitted publicly ALOT, we ran about and did some shopping, and had Starbucks most days (eek my caffeine content is on overload), and generally kept quite busy. Busy enough that we were in bed by about 9-10pm every night. Except Saturday when we really did kick back and spent the day doing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon of season 6. If we didn't have to get up early Sunday to head up to DC, we might have finished out the season. Rachael has decided that Buffy is definitely better in English than in German dubbing.

Sunday we went to DC and picked up Josh and his new Girlfriend Becka and went tooling about DC, mainly The Holocost Museum (which is very intense, but very well done), and the WWII memeorial, and I think we did something else before heading off to a Lebanese Restaurant in Adam's Morgan area of DC. It was really good and I would definitely go for Lebanese food again. Then again, I am a garlic lover.

Monday we spent the day at Mount Vernon, and yes, I saw one of the sets of George Washington's teeth. Alas, though, they are not wood, they are ivory. Poor guy, started having dental issues in his early 20's, even with owning no less than 12 toothbrushes.

Then it was off to the airport to see Rachael off. Boo Hoo. Wish she could have stayed longer.

And now.......

Knitting pics. I have finally taken pics, and even have a finish (sock #1 - #2 is on the needles) and an almost finish, - this is the left half of Emeral Isle. The right half is all bunched up due to length of my needle cord.
This is just so you can see the detail better. Only 16 more rows to go (which = 16-18hrs)
and a sweater in progress, This is the Beloved's cardigan. I took it in the same place I took the others, but it bleached out on the photos. This is the back

and an alpaca shawl/scarf in progress. I really like this pattern and LOVE the yarn. It came from my SP11. Although Rachael fell in love with it, and hence I guess this will be hers. But thanks to some LYS trolling (I have 5 in the area in which I live), I came across this very yarn and will be able to make one for myself one of these days.
....and that my blogging friends is then end of this day's post. Hope you all enjoyed and come back and visit real soon. I hope to get back on track now with my blogging and my knitting.
Take Care

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Queue said...

You know what's funny - I think it's right behind Jenny's old house!

BTW - your projects are looking fabulous!