Thursday, January 17, 2008

First FO's of 2008

Here they are folks, the first official Finishes of 2008!!!

First there is Rich's Hat/Cap. This was the hat that was originally suppose to be one of those caps with the skull and cross bones (my big chance to try 2 color knitting), until he changed his mind. I might add here, that change came "after" having spent all kinds of time at the LYS trying to find yarn that would wash and wear well, and be warm and came in the color that he originally asked for (navy blue). So back to the LYS I went and poof, the cost of the yarn miraculously increased by $15 since I upgraded him to Sublime extra fine merino DK... a mother's love.

So I took the pattern for the Skull cap and changed it to 2x2 rib and still included the inside ear band (I now know how to do a 3needle bind off without binding off), I also adjusted how the decreases were done, and voi la!!!
Next we have Dad's gloves (which were suppose to be Rich's except they turned out way to big for any hands in my immediate household), so they are going to Pa.
He had just the right size hands for these, and promised that he would wear them. Which is particularly good, since he has Raynaud's Disease, which means his finger tips get very cold, very quickly. Oh, and by the way, he lives in Northeastern PA.

That is all for now. More later, must go to bed now, so I can get up at a reasonable hour to go to dinner at a friend's house. She is so very graciously going to watch the Girls when Rick and I go to CA with Matt at the end of the month. :)


Janey said...

I really must give gloves a go sometime soon, yours look fabulous!

And you know what kids are like..forever changing their minds!


Jen said...

They look great! Sorry again about last Sunday!

Queue said...

Yay - you finished the fingers!! Way to go!