Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Think I Am In A Rut

Yes, I am fairly sure I am in a rut. The nice thing about the rut I am in, is that it is a rut of fairly quick, and frequent FO's. I am officially in a Glove Rut... through no 'real' fault of my own. Other than I made the first pair of fingertip-less gloves for Matt for Christmas. Then Rick, mentioned that they would be really nice for him, as where his computer is situated in his office (the cold office that I am knitting him a wool cardigan for), is right where the cool air comes shooting out of the ceiling vent down onto his hands. So OK, I can see his point and will start him a pair of fingertip-less gloves to prevent any further stiffening of joints he insists is part of the aging process. So for Christmas for Rich I started a pair of regular full finger gloves, as his hands are always cold in the winter, and he lives further north than we do. I told him they should be done by the time he needed to return to school. As it turns out, the gloves were W A Y too big for any male hand in my immediate household, but alas Dad come to visit for the holidays fit in them wonderfully, so they became his. So Rich then says, I would really like a hat. Quick as a wink I knit up said hat, and at that Josh wants to know if I am going to knit him something. When I ask what, he says, "I think I would really like a pair of those fingertip-less gloves or knucks (as they are sometimes called)".

As the story goes... I am almost finished with Josh's first knuck, when we stop to visit Rich, and I explain that I have forgotten to bring his hat, but will sent it... he exclaims (as he is already wearing a crocheted hat) "...a hat, no, no, I need gloves!!" What is a knitting Mom to do?

Moral of the story is, Men are no different than women, once they see something that one guy has, they want something the same or at least remotely similar - they too are slaves to the lemming mentality. Since Matt got something hand knit from Cheryl, obviously she needs to knit something of equal or greater value/size for me, and oh by the way, I should be next on the list. It really only becomes a problem when they all want the same sort of thing in a plain no nonsense pattern and knit in either BLACK OR GREY!!!!!

Without further ado... Josh's Knucks Rich's plain black gloves are on the needles as I write, and will be followed by Rick's. Then, maybe just then, I can finish Rick's Cardigan (before it gets too warm again), and THEN FOR SURE... I can start knitting for me again... :) won't that be a happy day?

Bless my friends who take pity on me and knit socks for me. They are truly good friends. BTW, anyone else who would be so inclined to knit a pair of women's med/euro size 39 socks in any yarn will be included in that dear friend list too. Yes, I want more hand knit socks, I just seemed to have planted myself into a family of men who like hand knit items - and - I do LOVE MY MEN!!! :)

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Rachael said...

Lol- More socks for you bithday , Girl?