Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Surfacing Again....

Yes, yes, I know - it has been forever and a day. The promised pics didn't show up, the updates didn't arrive, and I have been among the Missing In Action.
Alas, I think I am back - kind of, sort of, more or less. It has been a long couple months for me, but I am hoping I have broken the surface and plan to stay on the surface.
So, without much further ado - here are some long waited for update and finish off pics:

First with many apologies to Leslie - my absolutely awesome SP11 here is the pic of my reveal package. A really awesome "della Q" zipper bag (perfect for the storage of my Addi Turbo Circs); Some incredible shell stitch markers (the brown items in the little zip bag near the top); a bottle each of Eucalan and Soak; the coolest little zip mesh pouch (perfect for DPN storage) and a couple really pretty green glass bead stitch markers.She was a real sweetheart, and has wonderful taste. She took this all on in the midst of a move and did just fine. Her life seems as hectic as mine, and I hope to continue to keep in touch.

Next we have Rachael's Wabenschal - I really like the pattern, and the baby alpaca was great to work with. There are some changes I will make next time I try this one - and yes, there will be a next time.

Next in the gift category we have Nessa's Mini Monkey Socks made of Lorna's Laces (1 skein I might add). I even had some left over. At least now I know it is possible,and am looking forward to the day when I can start buying yarn again. Yep I have voluntarily put myself on a "use from stash only" regime - unless of course it is a specific color request for which I have NONE of.

...and last, but certainly not least.... taaaahhhh daaahhhh..... Matt's German Flag Fingerless (or should I say fingertipless) Gloves. I think he liked them, since he recieved them on Christmas evening and by the time he left on the afternoon of the 1st they were looking well worn and loved. Not bad for a hand made gift for a 15yr old boy.

Stay tuned for my next post that will show pics of my current Santa Collection. It is one of those things I am quite proud of, and thoroughly enjoy adding to it, or having it added to. This year saw 3 new additions.

I promise I will try to post much more regularly. I am trying also to limit my computer time, so as to have more knitting time. We shall see.


Janey said...

That shawl is just beautiful!And I love those mini monkeys, gorgeous colour!

Hope Matt's enjoying his gloves, I was telling Jomps's about them and how you like to keep the heat cool in your house. He thought it was a great idea til I told him i would need to buy more yarn to knit everyone gloves!!

Hope you're all ok! Hugs. xx Janey

Pete Hall said...

Stumbled across your blog (the next blog button!), sweet gloves!

Anonymous said...

I love my mini monkey socks!! Thanks pal!