Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheryl Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events...

Yep, we went from being a 42yr old klutz falling off my feet to covered in poison ivy all up the arm that was already not quite healed from the last event. Of course the poison ivy spread to the other arm and neck (but only a little bit). The next event was the poison ivy caused a cellulitis of my arm...
As far as I am concerned I am done now with my "Unfortunate Events"!!! Enough is enough. I have a kitchen that I am in charge of remodeling. Oh, btw - I am right handed, and where were my klutz wounds?? Right arm and hand.... and where has the poison ivy taken up residence??? My right arm - wrist to 1/2 way up my upper arm. Do you see where I am going with this? My time on the kitchen has been pretty nil.

Bless Rick's heart soul and knees!!!! With only a little somewhat able bodied assistance from me, the kitchen floor is now complete. He did an absolutley FANTASTIC JOB!!!!! In all fairness my wonderful young son, Matt, (who staying with us for a fairly good portion of the next 5-6wks) also helped his Dad with some of this event. In fact you will see both he and his trumpet in some of the following pictures.

First we have the floor as we have known it for 8yrs:

Then we have what all the floors have been for the past 40yrs:

Finally we have the finished product - of the floors that is.

The paint and cabinetry work will come soon. But alas we have to wait on some of it due to needing an electrician to come and evaluate and then rearrange some of our electrical stuff - you know, more than 4 outlets, and better lighting placement and so on.

Last but not least, here is the rest of said Wonderful Young Son...and his trumpet. He was supposed to be practicing.
May be once the swelling goes down a bit more on my arm there will be more knitting to be done. I can only do about 3 rounds on Clessidra before I have to stop.


Cat said...

Oh my sweetie you sure have been through some H@LL lately. I hope you have a wonderful time knitting tonight.


twinsetellen said...

The floor looks great. Thank you for refraining from showing us pictures of the poison ivy!