Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am going out Knitting Tonight!!!

I know you all think I am a bit nutters at the moment, but can I tell you I am thrilled to be going out to join the world again. I am being brave enough to take my funky looking self out in public, and KNIT!! I am not sure how long I will last, but I am doing it. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE my family to death, but am ready for some new faces. DH has be very patient and very tolerant over the past weeks. My sweet Matt acts as if my nasty arm and such doesn't even phase him - Bless his soul.

With that said, tomorrow there should be some updated knitting photos. I even got back on the treadmill - mostly to help process out all these nasty antibiotics and steroids that I am hurling at my system - and after finishing a lovely book called Twenty Wishes by Debbie MacComber I actually started knitting on a dishcloth for my second bout on the treadmill this afternoon.

Catch you all later....after knitting :)

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Robin said...

OMG! I feel for you! I've had some nasty cases of poison ivy on my neck and face in the last couple of years. Thanks - or no thanks - to the cats who love to act like scarves! Twenty Wishes is on my to-read list. I like her knitty books. Feel better!