Friday, September 17, 2010

I Am Back and On The Move

Yes, it has been a year since my last post, and thank goodness the blog is even still here. It has been a crazy busy year with lots of changes and things going on.

Here is the fast version: Still knitting as much as possible. Never did get the Dialysis job (long story - not pretty). Rich graduated from VCU and is now in a nice apartment with a friend, and writing for a couple Richmond magazines and part of the Theater Critics Circle and doing well. Josh is now a Sr at GMU and spent a summer semester in Paris (now like the idea of living abroad even more). Matt is graduated from HS and is now a freshman at JMU and hopefully figuring things out.

Rick has acquired the long waited for Luke AFB position in Phoenix!!!!! Yay for us!!!! We are now moving to Phoenix and will be leaving the Tidewater area on the 10th of Oct. Eeeeeekkkk. Bummed to be leaving my friends, but so very excited to finally be returning to the Valley of the Sun. We have a house we are working on but nothing is final yet. :( Putting as much good energy out there as we can, and planning that we will get what we are meant to have.

Going to try to do some regular blogging now, and hopefully help myself stay focused. Posts will probably be somewhat picture slim, but will do my best to add some nice knitting pictures and some road trip pics when the time comes.


Mary in VA said...

Good to hear from you again (not that I'm one to talk!). Good luck with the move. Looking forward to Phoenix stories as that is an area of the country I've always wanted to explore.

Cheryl in VA said...

You will just have to come and explore one of these days. Bring some of your WIPs and come to Hotel Griset (once we get her up and running again in the new location). It will definitely be different than Idaho :)