Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry No Pics...

I know, I said I would have Rick take pictures, but life has been crazy - as it is wont to be when there is a major impending move. Today is a mini Yard Sale in preparation for tomorrow's regular yard sale. Today I shall put out the main furniture bits and work on pricing stuff for tomorrow. It feels good to know that we are going to try to sell some of this stuff. Plus whatever doesn't sell tomorrow goes to Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army. Along with that there are a whole bunch of clothes to be donated - and Rick hasn't even gone through his closet yet.

I must admit, my stress is definitely getting the better of me. I have not slept well for several nights, and last night my asthma decided to put in an appearance. Can't tell if it is just the stress or Allergies (since I have been stirring up all kinds of long settled dust and such), or both.

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to getting rid of some of this stuff - we really do have too much stuff around here. I want to be able to live more simply, I just seem to lack the willpower and the where-with-all to make it happen. Which is probably why stuff just seems to accumulate with us. One good thing has been ALL the stuff we have found in the garage from previous attempted home projects that is now making its way back to Lowe's and Home Depot, is definitely adding up to nice store credit gift cards. So when we start purchasing stuff to work on the new hause it has already been paid for. Both stores are really quite good about scanning stuff and either noting that it is theirs or not and then doing store credit. This is especially helpful since I live with a man who likes to go and buy at least 1 if not 2 of all the items he "thinks" he might need for a job.

So I am off to start price marking and sorting some more stuff. Wish me luck. :}


Mary in VA said...

I'm sure from experience that the asthma is both stress and allergies. Maybe try a mask when sorting through really old stuff? But that SW air is supposed to be great! The house looks wonderful btw, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Cheryl in VA said...

Thanks Mary, I figured the stress was definitely a factor when the rash that went from my shoulders to my elbows went away and in it's place was 2 very restless nights and several rounds of asthma.