Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Needing Everyone's Mojo -

It is official as of this morning, we have the bid submitted to the bank for approval (since it is a short sale house you have to get the bid approved before doing ANYTHING else) of the house we hope to call HOME some day soon. I figured I would give you just a few teaser pics.

This first one is the view standing either at our front door, at the sink in the kitchen, or from the table in the dinning room.

Next we have a view of the covered patio area which then enters to the pool, and further off in the distance is the coral/pasture area. This area can be seen if you walk from the front door directly straight through an odd sort of room (don't yet know what it will be), and out a set of french doors.

Finally we have a view of my new kitchen. Yes, it really is as big as a garage (since we think it was at one point a one car garage on the original house). Totally looking forward to making lots of great food and fun in that kitchen.

So, for now, that is all the pictures. When Rick gets home later today I will try to remember to have him take a picture of me with the sweater (with its ruffle) on. I will also go take pics of the socks I finished and will post both of them a bit later on. Might even take a picture of the scarf I am also working on, and maybe even my scrap blanket.

But, for now, it is off to go do some more purging and getting ready for yard sale this weekend. It may not be a spectacular one, but if someone else can get use out of some of this stuff then all the better for it.


Jessica said...

nice. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Cricket said...

Beautiful! I'll start packing my suitcase for a visit. I have a feeling I'll be seeing you more when we live thousands of miles away then across the bridge. ;)