Saturday, October 16, 2010

Knitting Pictures.... Finally!!

So here they are folks, my long awaited knitting pictures. I am making great progress on my 15 Stitch Blanket. I really enjoy working on it, especially when I am brain dead, watching TV, or want to be doing something while talking to other folks (even non-knitterly type folks).

The socks are a gift for my Mom for Christmas. No worries here, as she is a non-computer person, and will never see them before the big day. The funny thing is, she is on this road trip with us, but because I have been spending all my time either in the truck with Rick or by myself in the hotel room, I can work on them without her even suspecting.

The Concert Scarf is for Brittany (Josh's Girlfriend). I really hope she will like it. I think she will though, as she has mentioned that she likes working with fiber as an art medium. It will be fun to give hand made gifts this year.

I have a few other projects in mind to complete before the holidays, and with the remainder of this road trip, plus 2 other flights back east (one for T-giving and one for Christmas), I should be able to get all my project done in plenty of time.
Now if I could just get rid of the cold, I would be in prime knit mode.

Oh and we are officially going into Escrow on the house in AZ. Infact our realtor told us, the bank and owner are pushing for a closing date on or before Nov 19th. Woo Hooo!!! That means we would move in the weekend before the Tues we leave for PA for T-giving. Never a dull moment with us, that is for sure.

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Mary in VA said...

Well if you can close that quick at least you'll have a place to leave some things before flying out again! Good luck. How about some spinning pics with that new spindle you mentioned.