Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Begins the Great New Adventure

I promise soon there will be pics. First I need to recover a bit from all the stress and insanity of getting us out of the VA house and on to the road for our trek cross country. It went relatively smoothly with some hiccups, but once we really got started things settled into a routine. Right now we are camped (in a Staybridge Suite) in Columbia, MO. Rick is doing some research for his historical biography that he has been working on for years. Mom has already done the laundry routine, and Dad is being really great about walking Misty. Me, well, the stress seems to have gotten the better of me, and what I thought was allergies from all the dirt and dust we kicked up while cleaning the house... now seems to have turned into a sinus cold. I am really hopping that with a couple good nights of sleep, and just a bit of relaxing I can kick it to the curb before we get back on the road. I have managed to do a fair amount of knitting already. Made some good progress on the Scarf for Brittany, started Mom's Christmas Socks, and even did a bit of the 15 Stitch Blanket.

Will post pics as soon as I am able, but for now it is off to bed for an afternoon nap. Sleep.... it does a body good (especially one that doesn't feel well).

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