Sunday, October 03, 2010

Not Much Knitting

...but lots of packing, purging, and being crazy. The count down is on and there are only 7 days left until we pull out of the Tidewater area and head for the Valley of the Sun.
Life in house Griset, is busy most all of every day either working here in the house or attending to all the many things that must be done to enable our departure. Some of those include visiting with friends and such. We will most definitely miss all our wonderful friends here in VAB and the surrounding areas, and are hopeful that they will all manage at some point in the future to come visit us in Phoenix. So far we have visitors set for March, April, maybe May, and then next Oct (Taos Fiber Festival), so if you are planning a trip let us know we will gladly welcome you.

As of right now, we are still in the waiting process to see if the bank will accept our bid and the house we hope to call home soon. We now have a Realtor for the house here in VAB and he is eager to help us get the house on the market (and even thinks he may have a possible buyer - wouldn't that be lovely?), plus we are dealing with the selling of the house Rick's in OK.

Honestly, I will be very glad when we actually hit the road next weekend. By that point everything that has to be done will be, and if it hasn't been done - it is just too late by that point.

Hardest part will be saying Goodbye to the boys. While Rich, will be meeting us in Albuquerque to finish the trip with us and spend some time in Phoenix - we won't see Matt or Josh until Christmas. It will be strange, but by the same token, we can keep so much closer in touch now than if this had been even 5yrs ago. Gotta love Skype and so on.

Don't be surprised if you don't see or hear from me until somewhere around the 13th of Oct., as that is when we will pull into Columbia, MO for Rick to spend a few days in the archives and historical societies doing research for his book. Me I will be decompressing and just hanging out for some of that time and tooling about with Mom and Dad.

Will try to do at least one more post with knitting pics in the next day or so.

Catch you ALL on the flip side.

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