Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Made It!!

Here we are in Sunny Phoenix, AZ!!! Only problem was, as we drove into Phoenix, it was raining! Although the folks here really don't mind the rain, since they don't get much of it. I personally think Rich brought it with him when we picked him up from the airport in Albuquerque to make the rest of the road trip with us.

There are definitely some challenges moving from a 2500sq ft house into a 1 bedroom hotel suite for temp housing. There are a number of things I did not take into consideration. Live and learn!

We are in escrow for the house here in AZ, but are still in limbo. We are suppose to have a closing date on or before Nov 19th, but we just have to wait and see about that one. I am hoping for 'before'.

Lots to do, but hoping to keep up on the blog for the next while at least.

I am sure there will be lots of pics as we make our way into the house and get it ready for us. There will also be lots of knitting pics, I have made some really good progress on my holiday knitting. Amazing how much progress you can make when riding cross country.


Cricket said...

Can't wait for the pics. Ones of Misty are always cool too! ;)
Energy to you and patience for cramped quarters.

Mary in VA said...

Congrats on getting through the journey. Good luck on the new house.