Thursday, December 02, 2010

We have internet - it must be official

So, not only did we make it to AZ, we now own our forever home in AZ AND have internet and phone service. What more could one ask for. Last night was officially our first night staying in the house (well the guest house anyway).

Bit by bit we are getting things done. I have been baking and doing laundry today, and will soon make a run to the grocery store. I have yet to thoroughly clean the kitchen floor so I think that is today's chore. Since it is the size of a one car garage, and there are multiple layers of dirt it will definitely be a process.

So I am off to vacuum, swiffer, wet swiffer, and then enviro steam.... what fun this afternoon will be. :) Pictures will come soon I assure you all!!

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Anonymous said...

So excited for y'all! Can't wait to see.