Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And so it is Solstice

First let me wish all those who celebrate the Solstice and Yule a Blessed Holiday and hoping the start of the longer days brings you much joy and wonderful times with family and friends.

I must say this is probably the first time I have watched the sunrise on the shortest of days and have plans to watch the sun set as well. It really was quite a spectacular. I find I am enjoying getting into the rythm of life right now. I just take a break and walk out to the pasture and stand there with Fox and Spice and just pet them, and talk to them and marvel at them. I spend time just wandering around and looking at the sky and the mountains outside my kitchen window. I really enjoy learning about the goats, and the coyotes (although I must admit the latter still makes me quite nervous and jumpy when I hear them during the night).

I guess when it really comes down to it I am a country girl at heart, and while I always said that, I still found that being in the city was OK. After just a short time here on our big 2 acres, I just don't think city life can compare. I am sure I will continue to love to visit and marvel at all there is in the cities, but the rythm out here fits me so well.

Now, if I could just get the rythm going to get all these boxes unpacked and put away. Made the mistake of having 'unpackers' here for a couple hours the day after the household goods arrived. Eeeeekkkk!!! There are things unpacked that I would not have touched for at least a few weeks. Oh Well, it is done, and now I have to figure out how to deal with it.

Well, I just figured out that Rick downloaded all my pics onto his computer... hafrumphf!!! Once I get my pics I will post them and you can see my sunrise and sunset pics.

Blessings to you all and may you make the most of the shortest day of the year and be comforted to know that they will all be getting longer from here on out.

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twinsetjan said...

How's the settling in coming? I hope 2011 brings you lots of fun and good cheer in the new house!