Wednesday, August 29, 2007

....and then Vacation Pics

This would be Sedona, land of the Red Rocks, and Blue Skies, and just so incredibly beautiful!!!
That would also explain why it is the place where Rick and I had our
formal wedding. The informal (1st wedding) was in my parents back yard at a Clam Bake, and was a total surprise to everyone.

This would be the exact place that we exchanged our vows (for the 2nd time) 6yrs ago on the 1st of September. We were blessed to have had the same weather for our trip this time, that we had for our wedding then. One of these days, I need to scan it some of our wedding photos so your can see the beauty of it all. It was so wonderful to go back there. Rick had not been back since our wedding in 01'

Click on any of the pics and you will get a better view of the scenery.

Can't wait to go back again soon.

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Mary in VA said...

Oh my, maybe here's another thing we share since I've always wanted to go to the Southwest! Happy belated anniversary.