Friday, August 17, 2007

On Vacation

Hey All, sorry I have been so remiss, but life before and now during vacation has kept me hopping. The week before leaving was quite busy, and then on teh 9th we were off to PA. Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary Gathering went wonderfully. They were so very happy to see their friends and family. A very good time was had by all.

We returned late Monday afternoon and in less than 24hrs were back out the door and in the air to Phoenix, AZ (which is where we are now). Loving the sunshine and big blue skies. Yep, it is definitely hot, but the humidity is very bearable for Rick and I. We have been tooling about in some of our old neighborhoods and visiting with friends. We will be heading out to Sedona shortly to revisit the incredible setting of our formal wedding 6yrs ago. DH has not been back since the wedding (I have when out visiting friends before).

Will try to have pics to post after vacation. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon


romelda said...

good to hear you are having a great are missed..lace sock is going well! Did your Rachel in Germany just have a visit from a gal in North Carolina? Heard from my SP..SOunds like a good one!
Have fun!

Rachael said...

Hey Sweetie,
Have fun in Arizona. Let me know when you get back- can't wait to have a good chat.

kasiaiscarly said...

just popping over to check out your blog! good to have met you tonite!