Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Here is Einstein

So here is Einstein thus far. Actually she is just a bit further along, as I did some knitting at my meet up this evening and so the sleeve that you currently see without any dark blue on it, now has some dark blue on it. I will post again after I get it seamed and cast on the collar. Maybe I will even get buttons when I go to class.


Queue said...

It's looking great! I'm greatly impressed. And I do really love the colors.

On the topic of continental, I know how to do it in my head, it's my hands that aren't too sure yet. I'm going to knit something to practice between now and the next YFB. If I can get the knit stitch working for me, I'll let you look at what I'm doing and correct my positioning. Though it is the purl stitch that truly pains me - but we can look at that in due time.

Viv said...

Ooooooooooooooh, snuggly!!!!!! Seriously, that's aone gorgeous Einstein you're knitting there - keep going!
Hugs from Hamburg,