Friday, February 16, 2007

OUT with the OLD.....

This poor old washer has done quite well by me. I personally have been washing clothes with it since I met my beloved back in 1996. He got it from his Aunt some time after she passed on, but it sat at his parents ranch until he needed it for a couple years. The guy who swapped them out said this old girl is at least 15yrs old. Gotta love Kenmore - but they just didn't have what I wanted for my new washer.
You will take notice to the wing nut that I have been using as a knob for oh so many years (at least 6)
May your rest in peace and go to the happy resting grounds of wash machines in the sky (or wherever it is that washers go to their final peace at).

...and IN with the NEW
Yep, I got a new washer, I got a new washer, (du de du de du du - can you hear the sing-songy joy in my voice??)
The girls had to check everything out just to make sure it was all up to snuff and could be allowed to stay in "their" laundry room.

Bosch was sweet enough to include handy little magnets with tips and trouble shooting items (in both english and french I might add) and also a little lingere bag.

Now if I only had time to actually start playing with my new toy today. But alas work calls and one needs to do something to pay for said new toy (especially since there will be a dishwasher joining it soon). The cool part is, this one had a tiny little dent on the front therefore it was 10%off and then Bosch offers their annual green sale discount of $100 rebate. All in all a very good deal.

Rachael, just one more way for you to feel right at home here in VA Beach when you come.

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