Sunday, February 11, 2007

Updated Knitting Pics

Here are some updated pics of the current knitting situations.

First in line is the newest start - which is Rick's requested sock. Mr Kranky Pants wants socks that are long, snug, warm, and that don't fall down - and if at all possible double thickness around the foot, but still fit in dress shoes. Nooooooo he is not too particular - especially for someone who up until a few days ago wanted nothing to do with hand knitted socks.
I am hoping that this pattern will cover all those bases. It is an 8 stitch Twisted stitch ribbed pattern that looks decidedly "Gentlemanly" In other words, it won't bore me to tears while making long socks for a very wide foot.
Next we the ever present Einstein coat at the end of Phase 2. 2 separate views of the very wooly coat. (Pretty fancy getting these pics to sit side by side don't cha think...huh? huh? huh?)

Now we have the said coat as it is aquiring a sleeve. The only 'sewing' required on this piece is to seam the sleeves/shoulders together, and to sew on the buttong (of which I have not obtained yet). I know what they look like in my mind. Now I just have to find them in the real world.

The mere fact that I am able to get these pics from the camera to the blog is just amazing in my world.
Hope you all enjoy them. Next there will a new post with pics from the family and some family news. Be on the look out.

Happy Knitting!!!


Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

Sorry, I left a comment and then deleted it as I made a mistake while typing.

Looking very coatish at this point. And, as you new I would- I love the color. I am sure you will find the perfect buttons.

Rachael said...

OOps- then I forgot I wanted to ask where you got the sock pattern for Rick's socks.