Thursday, February 15, 2007

Romance isn't completely dead

See, I got quite creative yesterday during my wildly romantic day (not exactly). For me Valentines Day consisted of doing laundry, researching Dishwashers and Clothes washers, until I was absolutely bleary eyed. Baking, as can be seen above, cleaning up the kitchen from the last 3 days of ... well we won't go there.
Then my Beloved came home. Now right in front of this lovely little message brownie made by moi was 5 sheets of paper fanned out, all with Dinning Certificates for our favorite restaurants. He literally had to be encouraged to look at the table as he blithely passed by and what did he focus on first.... the pieces of white paper, and then walked toward me. I could tell by his eyes, he had not even registerd the plate with the brownie so nicely positions 2.5" from the papers. So I said HEY!! go back to the table! So he turns and it still takes him about 3 seconds to register what else was there. Once he figured it out I hear "Wow that is a brownie" (to myself - 'do ya think???' "You have been busy today".

I guess it just never ceases to amaze me that men figure if you have made a brownie, and printed out some pages from the computer you have obviously had a busy day. I am lucky enough that he often asks "so how was your day and what all have you been doing". It gives me the perfect opening to say "...well there are the six loads of laundry washed/dried/folded/& put away, the vacuuming, the cleaning of the kitchen, and oh by the way the 5hrs worth of research so as to get the exact wash machines I want at the best possible price." The good thing about my man is he is very adept at then saying .."you have had quite a busy day, sounds like you got alot accomplished. I guess he knows the more he fluffs my feathers the more likely I am to fluff his.

So with all of this said...My beloved gave me a book of photos with captions titled Why I Love You. It is really quite neat. After oohing and aahhing over everything he asked me, so what do you want to do with our evening??? I very honestly looked him in the eyes and said "Honey can we go take a nap?"

PS - I must add, a great dinner of left-over Taco Guaca-Salsa Salad followed our nap. All was well in the Griset House (and yes there was brownie for desert - he claimed the part with the heart and I claimed the 'I')

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