Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Promise...

Yes, I know I have not posted anything except news about appliances lateley. That would be because my life has been ALL about appliances lately. You have seen the washer, the dishwasher was installed the day before my Beloved left for a month. Although along with the dishwasher came a brand new garbage disposal, because when he disconnected the old dishwasher from the old garbage disposal it basically crumbled in his hands. Unfortunately the locking ring that held it in place did not crumble it had just corroded into place. So after 3 hrs of fighting with it (gently of course so as not to damage the sink) he used his 'saws - all' and cut it out. Installing the new one took all of 15 min.
The hotwater heater from h**l is due to be replaced (yes, the new one is being replaced with another new one) on Wed Mar 7th.

So if we put it all together chronologically it looks something like this:
Dec - New Hot Water Heater
Feb - New Washing Machine
Feb - New Hair Dryer (mine chose to grab a good size chunk of my hair and then burn up)
Feb - New Dishwasher
Feb - New Garbage Disposal
Mar - New Hot Water Heater


On to the really good stuff. I promise later this morning I will take a picture of Einstein where I am currently at and post it. It really is looking like a coat. I am almost done with the sleeves. Tomorrow evening I go to my knitting class to seam up the arms and shoulders and probably cast on the collar.

My LYS is going out of business!!! Bummer. She asked if I wanted to buy the store... much as I would like to have that kind of access to all the yarn I want I think the price would be too high. So I will continue to knit from stash and find other places. Good thing I have my groups.

Off to my busy day, so more later...

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Rachael said...

Oh g*d Cheryl- Buy the yarn store .....please!!!!! LOL