Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yes, I really do have a family.

Since I have in the past, (and in my profile) alluded to the fact that I do have a family - I have finally decided to post some pics and news about said family. No I did not pay these people to pose as my family. Unfortunately the only one missing is my oldest who is off and away at college, but not to worry, because next time we are in his prescence I will snap his pic and plunk him down here so you can all see him in his glory.

But until then, here is my rag tag crew in all their glory.

1st in line is Rick (last night while he was preparing an absolutely fabulous dinner called Taco Guaca-Salsa Salad). Said recipe can be found on under Rachael Ray's Recipes.

2nd view would be Josh, my 6'2.5" (almost)18yr old. Accepted into George Mason University for the fall of 2007. He was being his ever so pleasant self as usual.

#3 is Matt, getting Math homework help from Rick (while he is working on above stated recipe). Believe it or not he is (almost)15 and at least 4-5" taller than me.

Then of course is the Oh so cute Misty. Quite the camera princess. Don't let all that cuteness fool you. She is full of vim & vigor (enough for all of us and then some).

Last but certainly not least is the Queen of the household - Naya. These days her age is showing, and we all know to bow down to her wishes lest she should not be with us forever.

So there you have it, my rag-a-muffin crew in all its glory. Loveable and laughable, and totally great. That is mom speak for I love them dearly even though some days they make me want to tear my hair out by the roots.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

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Rachael said...

I just realized that I have never met Mystie! Hopefully - not to far in the future.