Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Pics

I decided that I will post my new pics before I try to change over to the new beta version of my blog. So far everyone has had no troubles making the switch and I am counting on their experience.

So here are the new pics you have all been waiting for with baited breath (humor me OK?)

This is Dad's Sock #1. Yes it is true, my Dad has little boxes for feet. Believe it or not these socks fit him perfectly. I must say that from now on, the men in my life will have some sort of patterning on their socks, as every single one of them has either really long feet (size 13) or really wide feet (EEE). All but my dear Husband want socks. You will notice that all the lovely color changes in this particular yarn (Regia Havanna Color #4177) are on the BOTTOM of the foot. Go figure!!

So here are Mom's Socks - modeled even. Actually Mom wore them home the day after I shot this pic. She has decided that she likes them. Although I think that is because she is a Mom and that is what Mom's do. I must say they really are a nice sock and work up quite nicely. I think I will make a pair for me very soon.

Last but not least here is my Einstein Coat at Phase 2. The big long blue part is the bottom of the coat that goes around the hips and thighs. The light blue part is the Right front portion. As of today I will be starting the back section. By next Thurs I need to also finish the Left fron portion (complete with button holes). I really love the color and I already know it is going to be toasty warm. Hopefully it will stay cold enough for me to wear it this year.

Well that is it for the photo shoot for now. I have more knitting to do, an errand or two to run and more friends to chat with on the phone. I am really enjoying this 'day off' thing. I think maybe I should do it more often. What a concept. I must admit it does feel strange, and I have this nagging feeling that I have forgotten to put something important on my calendar for today. Alas, what ever it is, I will not be doing it.

Have a Marvelous Day!!


Viv said...

That Einstein Coat sure looks snuggly and toasty - and the finished ones I've seen also have a decided smartness about them as a bonus. You go, girl!

Rachael said...

Lovely, lovely socks . I see what you mean about most of the color on your Dad's sock being on th efoot , but oh well. Maybe the other will come out the opposite. And if not , then it is secret beauty. Just for the wearer to know and feel good about.